Why do people always try to find the «dark part» of being an escort?

Recently, social media have been overwhelmed with opinions, beliefs, judgments and even assertions about how being a prostitute is like.

This is how I see prostitution

Forums, websites, online magazines, tweets… Everyone seems to feel in position to make general-audience quotes about sex work WITHOUT actually being a sex worker. What is worse, a large number of these people struggle to find a demagogic, festooned method to express their opinion -or, should I say, to conceal their frivolous pursuit of followers.


If stigma and prejudices restrain you from putting a price on your own intimate companionship; if you have never entered a brothel, or a hotel room, in order to receive a certain amount of money; if you have never been an escort, whether you are a man or a woman… Why do you generalize about the fact of being an escort? Why do you mix up different topics such as prostitution and human slavery or sexism?

This is human slavery
This is also human slavery for me, or any work that doesn’t make you feel good

Are you truly against human slavery? Then stop buying clothes at Primark! Stop eating at McDonalds! Stop using mobile phones! (You heard about coltan, didn’t you?)

Are you truly against sexism? Then stop telling women what they should do with their bodies; stop telling women how they should think; stop telling men how they should feel about having appointments with a sexual worker.


In a world starved for authenticity, everyone has something to say about burning issues. Not that they have ever cared enough to try to understand others’ points of view —it’s simply a question of trendiness.